It was all joyous!

A woman stands in her garden

Gida struggled to provide for her large family. Now her garden produces enough food for the family and for her to sell. Learning to grow vegetables was “all joyous!”

Namuleme Gida’s family is large—five adults and eight children. Feeding that many people is a challenge, especially when jobs and money are scarce.

“Those times are there, without food. Especially during the long holidays [when the everyone is home all day],” Gida says. “The situation can cause you pressure because it is terrible not to be in a situation to provide for your people, especially a child. I hate it.”

Gida tries to make ends meet by selling mushrooms and water. But the little money she earns isn’t enough. She sells a jerry can of water for 300 shillings ($0.10 CAD).

One day Gida heard about a training that was being offered by Cal Bombay Ministries.

“I came for training willingly because I wanted to get extra knowledge. When I learned that it was about vegetable growing, it became more interesting,” Gida says. “Cabbage, tomatoes, sukuma (collards). I ate, sold, and retained some for my family. When I got the concept, I made more than the two sacks given to us. I borrowed an extra piece of land and it was all joyous!”

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