Wouldn’t it be great to plant one seed and get two harvests? This fall, that’s exactly what’s going to happen!

For October and November, Cal Bombay Ministries is teaming up with Galcom International to provide South Sudanese refugees with gardens and the Gospel.

Through our Gardens of Hope project, South Sudanese refugees living in settlements in northern Uganda are planting gardens and taking a giant step towards food security.

For only $50, you can provide a refugee family with a garden kit that contains three kinds of vegetable seeds, a hoe, a watering can, growing sacks, soap, face mask, and a Bible. And now, Galcom will add an ImpaX player to each garden kit.

The ImpaX is a solar-powered, fix-tuned radio and audio Bible. Refugees will be able to listen to Christian radio broadcasts and to the Bible in both English and Bari.

With the garden, they’ll be able to feed their bodies and with the ImpaX, they’ll be able to feed their souls. A Double Harvest.

Your gift today will mean that the refugees can take advantage of the rains and plant their gardens before the next dry season. They will be able to harvest vegetables for months. And when they’ve finished working in the garden for the day, they can listen to God’s Word on their ImpaX player.

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