Planting a garden gives hope

A refugee family

“Planting a garden is a very good thing because it gives hope to my family…” Enike Bonsuk

“The season was so terrible, and like the word ‘dry,’ everything at home is dry, even the pockets and food. Nothing was enough.”

For Enike (front left) and her family, dry season was a challenge. With no rain, they couldn’t grow any food. They had to depend on the rations from the UN World Food Programme. But those rations were reduced even further last year. And it’s difficult to eat nothing but beans and maize day after day.

Fortunately, Enika planted a garden last year, and had dried okra and eggplant to supplement her family’s rations.

“I love planting my own garden to get extra food and also to improve on our diet. Now I have received sukuma (collards), eggplant, okra, and green peppers. I’m looking forward to it,” Enike says. “Planting a garden is a very good thing because it gives hope to my family that no matter what, there will be added food to the reduced rations which affects us most.”

For just $50, you can give a garden kit to a family like Enike’s. It’s rainy season, so now is the time to plant.

Will you give a garden today?

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