When you were a kid, did you ever say, “Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day.”?

Sacks gardens in a dry landscape.

Empty sack gardens wait for the rains to begin. Normally, they would already be planted with seedlings.

In northern Uganda, people are praying for rain these days. The earth is dry. The air is hot. The daytime temperatures are hovering close to 40ÂșC.

Hot weather isn’t unusual in most parts of Africa. But it can be challenging when there is nowhere to escape the heat. There is no air-conditioning and nowhere to get a cold drink. In Palorinya Refugee Settlement in northern Uganda, there are few trees for shade.

Right now, there is no rain. Normally, the rains should have started by now. But in the past few years, the rains have become unpredictable. The changing climate is making things very difficult. Until it rains, no one can plant a garden. And without gardens, hunger becomes a daily reality for many.

Pray that the rains begin in northern Uganda soon. And pray that, despite the late start, there will be a good harvest.