In Africa, the arrival of the rains is seen as a blessing from God. This year, the rains brought another blessing—the Gardens of Hope kits that you provided.

Dry season in most parts of Africa means no rain, not even a drizzle, for months on end. When the rains finally came to Uganda in late April, it was a reason to celebrate. This year’s dry season was so difficult for those living in northern Uganda. And with the rains came the Gardens of Hope kits and the opportunity to plant gardens.

When you give a garden to a refugee family, you give them so much more than a just a package of seeds.

You give hope that better days are ahead when the gardens begin to produce their crops.

You remind them that they haven’t been forgotten. God sees their suffering and is answering their prayers. And you are the answer to their prayers.

You give joy. I have never experienced anything that matches African joy. It’s infectious. It’s moving. It literally gets your feet moving.

This joy must be how God feels when He sees His children caring for other. Thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus in the refugee settlement.

Because of you, the refugees are planting in hope, and harvesting with joy. That’s awesome.

(South Sudanese refugee dance with joy as they receive their Gardens of Hope kits)