From Subsistence to Success

A woman in a vegetable stall

Sanyu Agnes is a single mother of five. As a single mother, Agnes has the burden of looking after and raising her children alone. Like many urban poor, Agnes has no formal employment. She takes whatever low-paying jobs, usually temporary, that she can find in order to feed her children.

When she heard about the Urban Farming Project in 2017, she visited our office in Kampala where she received training and a garden kit that Cal Bombay Ministries’ donors provided.

A woman standing beside a piggery

Agnes was able to save money from selling vegetables and buy a sow. Now she’s raising pigs to earn more money.

Agnes has been growing vegetables for her home consumption and selling the surplus at a kiosk near her home. She has used the savings from her vegetable sales to buy a sow which has since given birth to piglets. The pigs will provide more income to sustain her family, however she continues to grow vegetables to feed her family. Agnes is thankful for the training because she continues to grow vegetables in her compound for home consumption and selling.