Lockdown Leads to Better Health?

Simpliciou and Nalongo joined the project in 2018. Prior to joining the project, Nalongo stayed home making craft baskets and selling them to vendors. This however didn’t bring in enough income for her. Simpliciou is a primary school teacher in a local private school. He was the main bread winner for the home. When Covid-19 hit the country, schools were closed, and he consequently lost his income.

The only focus was now put on her vegetable garden. Fortunately, Simpliciou had also attended our UFP training, and so he joined Nalongo in the farming. The couple says that they have managed to feed the family through this farming project. They sold some of the products to their neighbors and had enough savings to buy other food items.

Nalongo had eye problems for close to three years. She says that during the lockdown when they were eating a lot of vegetables, her eyes healed. She says now her eyesight is very fine and she attributes it to vegetables provided by CBM.

Her husband has since become a more determined farmer than ever before and looks to venture in more agricultural activities. He says he feels his health has greatly improved and his body feels good and healthy. They are both gratefully that they joined UFP and are very thankful to the sponsors that even if they do not know who they are, they gave Simpliciou and Nalongo free startup kits and free knowledge. They pray for God’s blessings upon you because you’ve blessed them through your giving.