Now We Can Eat

My name is Ester Lubega, I am 44 years old and a mother of five children. I am a member of Cal Bombay Ministries’ Urban Farming Project  in Kampala, Uganda. I joined in February 2019 and I have been growing vegetables since then.

Woman sitting

Ester Lubega thanks donors for providing her with a garden. She can feed her family twice a day now because of the vegetables she is harvesting.

I thank CBM for this project because it has helped me and my family especially during this period of Covid-19 epidemic. My husband lost his job due to Covid-19 lockdown which affected businesses. We did not have much to fall back to, however my garden helped us to have food on the table.

I had planted sukuma wiki (collards), ntula (garden eggs) and cortmil (coriander). I used to sell my harvest and was able to buy other foods such as maize flour, sugar, and soap for home cleaning. I decided to reduce the food portions and replace them with more vegetables. This turned out to be a healthy way of eating and my family’s health has improved.

It is by God’s grace that we can now eat twice a day. We used to eat only at night but ever since we joined the urban farming project, we now divide the food into two meals and add a lot of vegetables to make a full meal. My family members are looking healthy. I am so grateful to CBM for this project. God bless you all.