A man stands in front of a house

Because you gave, Juma was able to plant a garden.

Juma’s family has three adults and six children. He said, “It was very difficult for the family because we were lacking seeds to plants and farm tools, like hoes. The food received from the UNHCR (the UN refugee agency) is very small and getting smaller.”

He tried to earn some money collecting and selling firewood. Despite all his efforts, the family still went without food sometimes. Can you imagine how hard it was for Juma to see the children go hungry? They didn’t have the energy to go to school or play with their friends.

And then you provided Juma with a garden kit. He was eager to attend the training so that he could become self-reliant and not have to depend solely on the rations. Juma’s family doesn’t have to skip meals anymore. And he earns money by selling the extra onions he grows.

Juma appreciates receiving a Bible so that he can receive spiritual support. And he is grateful to you, because you are supporting refugees.