An African woman grinding peanuts in a market

Photo by Felix Chagnon.

by Elaine Bombay

As you walk through Palorinya Refugee Settlement, or really most places in eastern Africa, you’ll see plenty of peanuts growing in the gardens. More commonly called ground nuts or g-nuts, they are an inexpensive source of protein.

Women gather together to sort and clean the g-nuts. It’s a social time as well as a time for working.

Really delicious peanut butter is readily available in market. It’s often cooked with leafy greens to make a sauce for the posho (a stiff porridge made from corn meal)–one of my favourite meals.


A woman removing the peanut skins

A woman removing the peanut skins. Photo by Elaine Bombay

Freshly harvested ground nuts on the vine

Freshly harvested ground nuts. Photo by Elaine Bombay