A man listens to an audio device

Audio Bibles/radios are helping people hear the Word of God. Many of the refugees are unable to read the printed Bibles which are included in the Gardens of Hope kits. An audio version of the Bible in the Bari language means they don’t have to wait for someone to read to them. They can listen any time, alone or in groups.


It’s Saturday morning and you are headed for Good Friends Church. The 45-minute journey takes you over very bumpy and dusty roads.

You arrive at the church and unload the precious cargo from the back of the truck: 200 audio Bibles/radios. They have been donated by Galcom International. Each device has the Bible in English and Bari in audio format and is tuned to a nearby Christian radio station.

Inside the church, the people are starting to gather. Each one has been invited to receive an audio device by their church. Ten churches were invited to be part of today’s program. Those selected to receive the devices have one thing in common: they cannot read.

Some never had the chance to attend school. Others have low vision. Each garden kit contains a printed Bible, but these folks have to wait until someone is available to read to them. Today, they will receive a Bible that they can listen to, and their excitement is palpable.

After many speeches and exhortations, Pastor Nyomon begins to call out the names. The men walk soberly to the front of the church. The women fall to their knees and ululate as the device is placed in their hands.

Joy fills the church.

A blind man is escorted to the front. When he feels the audio device in his hands, he turns to face the crowd. “I am blind and cannot read. But now I will hear the words of God and I will see Jesus!”

A woman raises her hands after receiving an audio Bible