Woman standing at a market stall

Hadija marvels someone who didn’t even know her would give her a garden kit. It’s changed her family’s life.

Every time Hadija saw her neighbour’s garden, she wished she had
one too. As a mother of 12, she struggled to provide enough food
for her family. The doctors told her to add vegetables to her
children’s diets, but she couldn’t afford to.

Then Hadija learned that the Urban Farming training was free
because of generous donors like you. Now Hadija’s family has
plenty of fresh vegetables to eat all year. And Hadija even grows
enough extra that she can sell vegetables to a local restaurant.

Hadija marvels that people who don’t even know her would
provide her with a garden kit and training. “I do thank our lovely
donors for the kind heart. May all of them live long and God
bless them.”

The Urban Farming Project helps low-income families in Kampala,