Woman with a bowl of vegetables

Life has changed for Edith and her children since they planted a garden. Now they have more than enough to eat.

“Before I joined the Urban Farming Project in 2020, life was hard
for me. Due to Covid 19, I was going to relocate my family to the
village since it was difficult to feed them,” said Edith Namaweje.

“We used to have one meal a day due to lack of money.
Fortunately, I heard our community chairperson mobilizing people
for training. Oh yes, life has changed drastically since I joined
Urban Farming!

“I always make sure I have a diversity of vegetables in my garden.
I no longer spend money as I used to since I sell some of the
surplus and buy other items which are not produced in my

“I am really grateful to the donors. May God richly reward
them. My humble requests is that they continue loving

The Urban Farming Project helps low-income families in Kampala,