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This is what your gift does

Konya Rose was a community development worker in South Sudan before she and her children had to flee to Uganda. Among the many challenges she now faces is the problem of food. The UN provides the family with beans and maize. However she noticed that her family's health was changing because of the lack of

Lockdown Leads to Better Health?

Lockdown Leads to Better Health? Simpliciou and Nalongo joined the project in 2018. Prior to joining the project, Nalongo stayed home making craft baskets and selling them to vendors. This however didn’t bring in enough income for her. Simpliciou is a primary school teacher in a local private school. He was

Planting Seeds For The Future

You're Helping Her Plant Seeds For The Future Ameria is using her gardens to engage the children and youth in her neighbourhood. Ameria Kevina, 70, grows mainly tomatoes and sells to earn extra income. Initially, she joined UFP to grow vegetables for home consumption. She soon realized the potential

From Subsistence to Success

From Subsistence to Success Sanyu Agnes is a single mother of five. As a single mother, Agnes has the burden of looking after and raising her children alone. Like many urban poor, Agnes has no formal employment. She takes whatever low-paying jobs, usually temporary, that she can find in order to

Now We Can Eat

Now We Can Eat My name is Ester Lubega, I am 44 years old and a mother of five children. I am a member of Cal Bombay Ministries’ Urban Farming Project  in Kampala, Uganda. I joined in February 2019 and I have been growing vegetables since then. Ester Lubega thanks

Gardens of Hope—Harvests of Joy

In Africa, the arrival of the rains is seen as a blessing from God. This year, the rains brought another blessing—the Gardens of Hope kits that you provided. Dry season in most parts of Africa means no rain, not even a drizzle, for months on end. When the rains finally came to Uganda in late

Pray for rain

When you were a kid, did you ever say, "Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day."? Empty sack gardens wait for the rains to begin. Normally, they would already be planted with seedlings. In northern Uganda, people are praying for rain these days. The earth is dry. The air is hot. The

From the Beginning

Have you ever wondered how Cal Bombay became so interested in South Sudan? It all started back in the 1990s when he was buying slaves and setting them free. He wrote a book about his experiences, called Let My People Go.

My Last Hurrah?

My Last Hurrah?   Cancer didn’t change my plans When the doctor told me I had prostate cancer, I think he thought I would react with some sort of nervous denial, or shock and horror. I had none of these. I was 80 years old. In my work


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