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Lovely donors have kind hearts

Hadija marvels someone who didn't even know her would give her a garden kit. It's changed her family's life. Every time Hadija saw her neighbour's garden, she wished she had one too. As a mother of 12, she struggled to provide enough food for her family. The doctors told her to add vegetables

Growing veggies for kids

"Every time I would take my children to hospital, they would tell us to eat vegetables," Robert Byayirisa says. Robert joined the Urban Farming Project in 2019. Not only does his family of 12 now have plenty of vegetables to eat, but so do the students at the local school. Robert earns a living growing

I am blind but now I will see Jesus

  Audio Bibles/radios are helping people hear the Word of God. Many of the refugees are unable to read the printed Bibles which are included in the Gardens of Hope kits. An audio version of the Bible in the Bari language means they don't have to wait for someone to read to them. They

That’s nuts

  Photo by Felix Chagnon. by Elaine Bombay As you walk through Palorinya Refugee Settlement, or really most places in eastern Africa, you'll see plenty of peanuts growing in the gardens. More commonly called ground nuts or g-nuts, they are an inexpensive source of protein. Women gather together to sort and clean the

When elephants fight

The past few years in The Republic of Sudan have been tense. Since President Omar al-Bashir was deposed in 2019, there have been several “transitional” governments and plenty of people vying for power. The latest fighting stems from a conflict between the Sudanese army and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (formerly known as the Janjaweed

Because you gave, they can eat

Because you gave, Juma was able to plant a garden. Juma’s family has three adults and six children. He said, “It was very difficult for the family because we were lacking seeds to plants and farm tools, like hoes. The food received from the UNHCR (the UN refugee agency) is very small and


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