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Good Friends Church

Cal Bombay Ministries has always had two goals: to feed people physically and spiritually. Good Friends Church was started in Bori, South Sudan as part of CBM’s ministry there. When the population around Bori fled to Uganda, the church moved as well. It has been re-established in Belameling Refugee Settlement.

In November 2019, the church held a dedication ceremony. Cal Bombay led the congregation in consecrating themselves, their leaders, and the building to God’s work. Pastor Duku Scopas has been leading the church since it began. He and his family are also refugees. They know firsthand what the people in the church have experienced. Pastor Scopas’ dream is to see the people of Belameling meet Jesus and be healed from the traumas they have endured.

Around 300 people gather for Sunday services. Throughout the week, the church hosts Bible studies, meetings for children and youth, and several choirs. The church is also active in evangelism throughout the community.

More than half the congregation are children and youths. Among adults, unemployment is high because jobs are scarce in a refugee camp. The church members bring what they can as an offering to the Lord. But what they have is very little.

Your gift for Good Friends will help the church proclaim the love of Jesus through preaching and caring for their neighbours.

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