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This summer help us with the Great Canadian Giving Challenge!

Gardens change lives


When Cal Bombay Ministries offered her seeds to start a garden, she was thrilled. The vegetables she grows mean a balanced diet for Rose and her children. She sells her excess greens to earn a small income.

Cal Bombay Ministries also gave her a Bible. She reads the verses to find encouragement and hope.

Your gift to Gardens of Hope means food for the body and food for the soul.

Your gift does a lot.

Why People Support the Gardens of Hope Charity

What motivates me to give to the ministry I guess is my heart gets soft from Sorrel and compassion when I think of all the horrific things the Sudanese people have gone through. What hurts me even more is imagining that even after all of that, they have to go hungry as well. How much suffering must stay indoor? Even if it is the smallest thing, I just want to know that someone gets to go to bed tonight with food in their belly rather than crying from the pain of hunger. Sometimes I feel like my life is unfair but when I think that at least I get to eat today, and put things back into perspective.
~Ian Campbell

My father passed away when I was three leaving my mother to care for six children. There were many times when we did not have enough to eat and my brother and I would steal fruit from Orchard as well as neighbours Gardens. At the age of 10, I was put in foster care. Again, there was a shortage of food for us in the foster home. I’ve always had a heart for kids in this situation.

My love for people, especially people who are hurting and desperate. I’ll do anything in my power to make their lives better. Also, I know whatever I’m able to give to this ministry will be used for the cause.

The love of Christ for suffering people.
~Chris and Sarah

We have a farm background. We enjoyed helping people to help themselves and as we both grew up during the war in Holland we know what hunger is and how good it tasted, what little food you grew.
~Peter and Jane

I am an old farmer’s daughter. We were a rather poor family, but I don’t didn’t know that. My dad used to give away dozens of bushels of apples to anyone who wanted them. I’m pleased that I can help one family do better. The Lord has looked after me all of my life and he still looks after me. I think your work is a blessing to many people.

We have so much and so many blessings and Canada. It is only right that we share with those who have less. I like the fact that you are encouraging and teaching people how to grow their own food instead of just giving handouts.

We are so blessed here in Canada that other families need our help.

The direct impact to empower people to provide for their essential needs. Planting and harvesting meat and urgent need and also gives people a constructive way to help themselves.
~Donovan and Sharlene


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