Join the Club: Make it Monthly

When you choose to make your gift on a monthly basis, you provide sustaining support throughout the year to families in need. You’ll be part of our Garden Club and receive special updates on how your gifts are changing lives. To find out more about giving monthly please call us at 519-753-7380.

Hoes for Five Families


Help with hoes for five families

Hoes are vital for digging gardens and keeping them weed-free, but are too expensive for most refugees to purchase.
Your gift of a hoe will make it possible for a family to work their soil and plant a lifesaving garden.

Transform Lives.
Your gifts make it possible for families in Uganda to feed their bodies and their souls.

How Your Gift Will Be Used
We promise to use your gift in the most effective way possible. If a specific need has been met for the gift you selected, Cal Bombay Ministries may use your gift for a similar project or where most needed.

Tax Receipt

Please complete the following information for your tax receipt. If you are purchasing several items on the same order you only need to complete this form once.