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Urban Farming Project

Feeding twelve children is hard, especially when you have very little income.

Nakaazi Hadjia had a small kiosk where she sold vegetables and other small items. She bought the vegetables from farmers. She didn’t earn very much. Most days, her children only ate one thing—whatever it was she could afford that day.

It pained Nakaazi to have so little to offer her children. Whenever one became ill, the doctor would advise her to add some greens to their diet. But Nakaazi didn’t have the money to better food.

Her neighbour had a garden that Nakaazi admired. One day, she asked about it. The neighbour told her about the Urban Farming training and that the tools and training were offered for free.

“Since I joined CBM, our diet has improved. We eat fresh vegetables from the garden at all times,” Nakaazi says. “When eggplants are out of season, we have spinach and carrots.”

Not only is her family eating better, but Nakaazi is earning an income selling fresh vegetables at her kiosk and supplying a nearby restaurant.

“I do thank our lovely donors for their kind hearts. Surprisingly, they don’t even know us. May all of them live long and may God bless them.”

The Urban Farming Project helps families like Nakaazi’s who are living in Kampala. They are trained in how to plant and maintain a garden. And each participant is given a hoe, a watering can, growing sacks, and seeds so that they can plant their garden right away. The trainers visit their gardens to check on their progress, answer questions, and offer any help needed so that the gardens will be successful.

When you give the gift of a garden, you change lives!

“Blessed is the one who is kind to the needy” Proverbs 14:21

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